After waiting 5 years I finally met my idol! He means the world to me and I’ve cried because I never thought I’d meet him and yesterday I did and I’m freaking out!
Him: Hey there
Me: can I please have a really massive cuddle
Him: of course!
Then next thing I know he was lifting me in the air and squeezing me so tight, I was so excited I couldn’t help but smile! This isn’t the best photo of me but it’s one of my favourites because I met Darren!
This weekend has been so amazing, the best I’ve ever had! Everyone is so nice and so beautiful! I’ve met so many great people and it’s the happiest I’ve ever felt!
The acoustic set was so perfect, as usual he forgot the lyrics to pretty much every song, he stopped singing like “I’m gonna stop I don’t know the rest” but everyone in the room carried on so he continued playing!
After the first verse of Get Back To Hogwarts he stopped like “ready for the next 8 minutes”
He called Dom and Curt and all of Starkid up to sing
He sang Not Alone and I bust into tears
And when he finished we were all chanting encore and he came out and sang Part Of Your World saying “this is where it all started”
He kept looking in our direction like “this crowd is so enthusiastic” and kept looking at us and smiling and we were the only ones in the area who new all the lyrics and we were screaming and shouting them out at the top of our lungs
Literally I was shaking and crying so much and he was the nicest person you could ever meet!
His Q&A was so funny he kept rambling on and saying sorry and kept going off topic and was like “I can never talk about this stuff but now I can because you all want to hear it”
And he was like “one year at Comic con I was asked to do the Harry Potter panel and I was messing around with the crowd like Glee panel is over there guys and then the next year I was asked to do the Harry Potter panel and I couldn’t because I was doing glee”
Literally I’ve cried because I never thought I’d meet him, he’s helped me so much, he’s my biggest inspiration in life he’s gotten me through such hard times and I’m freaking out! I can’t believe this happened and he looks so happy and like a little kitten, look at his face!
Best weekend ever I want to thank Starfury so much and Darren and Curt and Dom and Max and all of Starkid I just I can’t believe this has finally happened 😭💕

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I asked Darren to pull a disgusted face while I leaned in as if I was going to kiss him. This was the result.

Afterwards, he said very concerned and serious, “It’s just pretend though. I wouldn’t really do that!”

What a cutie.

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Such a charmer

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Darren Criss at G4

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We sneak into [Darren’s] house when he’s not at home and use the hot tub
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Oksana requested: Darren wearing beanies

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